Travel Insurance

Why is travel insurance so important?

Key Travel Concepts highly recommends that you get travel insurance. There are too many "what if " scenarios not to protect yourself and your vacation.

Whether its a natural disaster, political unrest, an airline strike or medical emergency, travel plans can change in an instant. Are you prepared if something happens on your trip? You must be prepared against travel mishaps. If you invested your money in a wonderful vacation why would you not take out insurance to protect your investment and yourselves?Talk insurance with your travel professional. There are too many "what if" scenarios not to be protected from the unknown.

Talk about the risks of not taking travel insurance. Is your medical insurance accepted in Europe or Asia? What is the personal cost to you if you don't have insurance? Make sure you know what is and is not covered with not only your personal insurance, but with the travel insurance you purchase, Know about medical coverage and pre-existing conditions and know the limits and exclusions of your policy.

Two main reasons to buy travel insurance is to protect your financial investment and medical emergencies. We only need to look at any volatile event, man-made and natural disasters that aren't in our control to know that if we are going to save for that great vacation we want to make sure that not only are we protected, but that the vacation is protected.

So when you plan that next vacation seriously think about adding travel insurance. Call or email for more specific information and policies.